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10660115_1104484449573080_3913740884732065056_n     Videography is a huge passion of mine. It all started when I was in high school and college. If making a video project was allowed, I was doing it. I would get lost in the editing process for hours, only to snap out of it once the video was complete-often at the crack of dawn. After college, I tried my hand at vlogging on YouTube many times. While I don’t keep up with it, I did manage to land a job acting in a Canadian TV show.

Bringing videos into commerce has had its own unique challenges. I’ve had to develop the ability to direct, act, produce film and sound, and edit it all together to build a visual marketing tool for my clients. I am a one woman show.

This is great news for you. Along side my custom made equipment and lack of employees to pay, I can offer small businesses the chance at high quality videography at a reasonable price.

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