Day 7 – Movement

Is your New Years resolution to go to the gym and get in shape? Have you already failed? If not, congrats and keep going! If so, stop trying to go to the gym! If you don’t have the motivation to go, it is not working!

You may be surprised to learn there are thousands of ways to get in shape. You don’t have to commit to crunches and leg lifts. Exercise is all about movement and movement can come in all shapes and sizes. Find a passion in action.

Love horses? Volunteer on a horse farm or go for riding lessons.

Love the snow? Try snowboarding, snow shoeing, dog sledding, build a snowman every day.

Love nature? Go hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, anything to get you active!

Your workout doesn’t have to be at the gym, movement will get you in shape. Find a passion and a way to get moving. It is easier to get in shape when you’re doing something you love.

Day 5 – Colourful Food

You may find this surprising, but looking back on great meals you’ve had is quite satisfying and can leave you with a feeling of happiness. Our brains are hardwired to recall strong emotions over the mundane, leaving you feeling as though the past has been negative when in reality it could have been pretty great. Having photos of the past, the mundane- such as a great veggie dish barbecued on a boat parked outside of a beautiful view- can remind you that at times life was great, and delicious! Try it yourself. Dig out some photos you took on your cellphone and remember a great trip, great meal, or great friend!

Day Two – New Beginnings

Life is all about new beginnings; big or small; if we want them or not. The best way to start a new year is to dedicate a new beginning to better your life. Yes I know- we all SAY we will work out more, or date less inappropriate men, and yet seem to repeat our pattern. Here’s a tip to succeed with your New Years resolution: resolve to commit to something you have already started!! It may seem like cheating but really our issue is not with starting new things, it’s sticking to them. Along side my 365 day challenges, I have been dabbling with dog sledding. 2017 is the year of commitment for me. I will commit to my challenges, my dog training, and my pyrography. What are you committing to?

Day One – Resolve

My life is faced with many issues, as is yours. Deciding how to make a change can be challenging but not as challenging as making the first step. Many choices we’ve made, and failed to follow through with, can leave you unsatisfied with where you are today. My resolution is to change; to make the step; to move forward. Join me on this journey.

Goal One – Resolve money issues.

Photography and videography can be a very lucrative business but it comes at a cost of financial struggle and I know many of you feel that same struggle. Supplementing income while nurturing creativity is key. I don’t believe in taking another job to numb the mind and stress the body. find a hobby, learn a skill and turn a small profit. I shall feed my creativity with custom pyrography for home and office. Hand made crafts promote mindfulness, relaxation and creativity. Getting good? Sell your crafts locally or online!

In addition to creating income, saving can be a struggle for many. To make an impact without breaking the bank, enter the penny challenge (day#=$$, example: Day 245 add $2.45 to jar).  Personally I have altered this challenge to $0.05 because, here in Canada,we don’t have pennies anymore.

Goal Two – Declutter

Less stuff, less stress, more money. If you’ve never heard this concept read up on minimalism. While it can be an extreme lifestyle, you can alter the concept to meet your own needs. Does organizing your home stress you out? Do you feel crowded? Decluttering is the solution and it doesn’t have to be stressful. Enter the 30 day decluttering challenge. Breaking up the task of organization makes the difference. Follow my blog “What I got rid of today” to find inspiration of where to start.

Goal Three – Inspire creativity

It is known that endless choices can leave you stuck. Ever found yourself in the condiment isle trying to figure out which ketchup to buy? Me neither, but there has been many times I have found too many options for something I wanted and couldn’t choose. Creativity works this way as well. Art students have been known to come up with great inspiration while completing guided projects but once graduated found themselves stuck with no inspiration. This is why I love 365 day challenges. 365 daily inspirations. No greater way to find happiness, make steps to a better future, and feel daily satisfaction than by completing a 365 day challenge.

Welcome to day one of my 365 days of photos, 365 explanations why, and 356 goals achieved.


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